City Treasurer

The Treasurer’s Office was established and is governed by the Constitution of Virginia. The Treasurer is an elected constitutional office and serves a term of four years.


In addition to the duties imposed upon him by state law, the City Treasurer shall have such other official duties as may be imposed upon him by city charter and the ordinances of the City of Portsmouth.


He shall collect and receive all city taxes, levies, assessments, license taxes, rents, fees and all other revenues or moneys accrued to the city, and for that purpose shall be vested with any and all powers which are now or may hereafter be vested in such City Treasurer as collector of the state income and estimated taxes.

He shall be the custodian of all public moneys of the city, and of all other moneys coming into his hands as City Treasurer.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Treasurer and his Deputy Treasurers is to provide excellent customer service to all citizens of the City of Portsmouth.

This is accomplished by hiring and training each Deputy Treasurer in order to provide professional, competent, and compassionate “excellent customer service” in performing the accountabilities stated above, as directed by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

 ~Paige D. Cherry