General District Court

  1. Appealing Parking Tickets

    The Portsmouth General District Court hours for appealing parking tickets are between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., during normal business days Monday through Friday.

  2. Court Schedule

    View the criminal, traffic, and civil court schedules.

  3. Dress Code

    Here you will find the guidelines for court in regards to dress code, food or drink, electronic devises.

  4. Holiday Calendar

    Here you will view the courts holiday dates that reflect the occasions on which the General District Court will be either closed or operate under a limited format.

  5. Judicial Lot Parking

    The Judicial Center Parking Lot is equipped with Automated Self-Service Pay Stations, located outside near the entrances and inside the main hall of the Judicial Center across from the elevators.

  6. Payments

    Here you can view your options for making a payment for a traffic ticket or other offenses.