Methods of Payments

Payment Options:
  • Cash
  • Personal Checks
    • No Starter Checks Accepted
    • Your name and address must be printed on the check
      • Make checks payable to Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Company Checks
  • Money Orders, Cashier’s Check and Certified Checks
    • Make checks payable to Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Visa and MasterCard Debit and Credit Cards will only be accepted for the following services:
    • Assumed / Fictitious Names
    • Civil filing fees
    • Copies
    • Concealed Handgun Permits
    • Criminal court costs and fines
    • Notary Oaths
    • Probate Fees
Note: No online or pay-by-phone payments.

Additional Payment Requirements
  • Picture IDs required for all Debit, Credit Card and Personal check transactions
  • There will be a service charge assessed on all Debit and Credit Card transactions as follows:
    • $50 or less - $2 flat fee
    • $51 and over - 4%
Other Information
  • Include your case number or Social Security Number on the memo line if paying by check, money order, cashiers or certified check.
  • If your assessed costs include restitution, all payments received will be applied to restitution first, and then remaining payments received will be applied to your court cost and fines.
Failure to Comply With Deferred Payment Plans
  • Your driver’s license or privilege to drive a motor vehicle will be automatically suspended. In addition, DMW will revoke your automobile registration certificates and plates and/or refuse to issue new registration or plates until paid.
  • The unpaid amount shall be forwarded to a Collection Attorney
  • Payment Policy (PDF)
The Clerk of Circuit Court has presented a general overview of procedural information. For review of specific statue in it’s entirely, please refer to the Code of Virginia.