Marketing, Communications & Tourism

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Marketing, Communications and Tourism will focus on our unique attractions, heritage, history, and location. We will utilize cost-effective, creative, and innovative solutions that build synergy and position the “New Portsmouth” as a viable and livable city within the heart of Hampton Roads.

End Result: Consistent branding and promotion of the City of Portsmouth
Functional Area and Responsibilities Diagram

Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Strategy is built around seven goals or critical success factors (CSF):
  • CSF 1 Unified and Consistent Voice:
    Enhance marketing and communications in an effort to project a clear and unified voice across all functional areas using a multi-media strategy.
  • CSF 2 Return-On-Investment:
    Maximize the potential of business and community partnerships to increase the value of the media-buy and overall return-on-investment for all stakeholders.
  • CSF 3 Position and Placement:
    Expand branding and marketing strategies to enhance and improve Portsmouth’s position and product placement in the Hampton Roads marketplace.
  • CSF 4 Marketable Assets:
    Brand and cultivate interest in marketable products on a consistent basis by using an integrated marketing approach to create impact.
  • CSF 5 Economic Development:
    Build synergy and enhance image internally and externally in an effort to aid in the retention of business, create a livable community, and instill a Passion for Portsmouth.
  • CSF 6 City Council Vision Principles:
    Support and align with City Council’s vision principles, core values, and guiding principles as the department conducts the people’s business.
  • CSF 7 PCTV (Portsmouth Community Television):
    Continue to improve and promote the City’s municipal channel as a primary and successful marketing tool to reach the citizens of Portsmouth and the region.

Advertisers & Media Sales

Advertisers and media sales, please contact the City's agency of record Arengee at 757-213-6818.