Classifications - Records

The Classification and Records Division are responsible for maintaining all inmate paperwork.

Civil Process

The Civil Process Division is responsible for serving over 80,000 court papers annually.

Community Corrections

The Community Corrections Division is responsible for providing an array of intermediate sanctions to the local courts.


The Corrections Division of the Portsmouth Sheriff's Office is tasked with the care and handling of all inmates housed in the jail facility.

Court Security

Court Security is responsible for security and safety of individual courtrooms, as well as the protection of all judges and juries.


The Receiving Division functions 24/7 and is responsible for processing all persons committed for confinement to the jail.

Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services are responsible for providing a supervised release alternative for non-violent offenders.


The Training Academy is a full-service training center that provides all new deputy training, specialized law-enforcement classes, and in-service training.

Work Release Program

The Work Release Program is a proactive program available to non-violent offenders who meet certain criteria designated by the Sheriff's Office.