Pollution Prevention

Dead Animal Removal

The City of Portsmouth Public Works is responsible for the removal of dead animals within the city right-of-way. The City will not enter private property to collect dead animals. To report a dead animal please contact the Public Works Department at 757-393-8666. Do not bury dead animals on private land as this can contaminate groundwater.

Facility & Ditch Maintenance

Ditch maintenance consists of cutting vegetation and removing debris/sediment that blocks the natural flow of water. If weather permits, ditch crews will cut public ditches 3 times per year to maintain the flow line. Residents are responsible for maintaining the banks of ditches that are next to or run through their property.

Residents are reminded that it is illegal to dump leaves, grass clippings, and debris into the drainage system and ditches. Ditches should never be burned. The vegetation in ditches provides stability to the banks and natural filtration of water.

Crews regularly clean catch basins, drop inlets and outfalls to remove debris and blockages. Crews also flush sediment from clogged pipes. A vacuum truck is used to pump high-pressure water through drainpipes.

Street Sweeping

In order to prevent the discharge of accumulated sediment and debris collected on Portsmouth's network of streets, the City employs 6 street sweepers and 2 litter vacs. Street sweeping operations performs routine maintenance by dividing the City into 3 zones. For more detailed information please download the Street Sweeping Schedule (PDF).
Street Sweeper vehicle on the side of the street

Severe Weather Response

In the event of an unlikely snow storm or other severe weather, the City of Portsmouth is prepared to handle the removal of any snow and/or debris that may follow. Following snowfall, the City will promptly address major arteries and then any secondary roadways that may have the potential to ice over during a storm. Collection of debris resulting from severe weather will be carried out on a routine basis with a fleet of garbage trucks equipped with trash booms unless otherwise noted.

City Yard Inspections

The City of Portsmouth inspects each yard quarterly using the City yard inspection form. Copies of the completed forms are filed in the Department of Public Works, Division of Stormwater Management. Yards currently inspected include:
  • Public Works Stormwater, Streets and Mosquito Control (Frederick Boulevard Operations Center)
  • Traffic Operations (Frederick Boulevard Operations Center)
  • Waste Management (Frederick Boulevard Operations Center)
  • Vehicle Services (Frederick Boulevard Operations Center and the King Street Vehicle Center)
  • Parks and Recreation (Frederick Boulevard Operations Center and 2717 Victory Boulevard)
  • Property Management (Frederick Boulevard Operations Center)
  • Public Utilities (Meander Street Public Utilities Operations Center)
  • Portsmouth Public Schools Operations Facility