Street Sweeping

In order to prevent accumulated sediment, debris, and litter from entering into the storm drain system; and, to enhance the overall beautification efforts of our neighborhoods, the Public Works Department conducts Street Sweeping operations throughout the city. Using street sweeper equipment, staff collect the street debris on a schedule that rotates monthly in order to cover the city.

Street Sweeping operations are best performed when streets are clear of parked vehicles along the curbs, since this is where debris tends to accumulate. Residents are encouraged to keep parked cars off of the street during the timeframe that their neighborhood is scheduled for Street Sweeping. Streets on the schedule are swept once during the scheduled week, and not on trash collection days.

The neighborhoods that are scheduled for street sweeping in May are listed below. In the event that a neighborhood is not swept during the week scheduled due to equipment issues or inclement weather, the neighborhood will be rescheduled for sweeping during the make-up week listed on the schedule.

Click here to see the updated schedule.