Fellowship/Internship Program

The City of Portsmouth’s Fellowship / Internship Program is an integral part of each student’s education. More importantly, not only do internships help bridge the gap between the academic world and the working world, these hands-on experiences also help students to put theories into practice, and offer opportunities for more personalized learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. In addition, to providing internships for those in an academic environment, the City of Portsmouth also offers internships for high school students and for those individuals not seeking to go to college. 

Fellowship/Internship Categories 

The City of Portsmouth is pleased to announce the following types of fellowships/internships:
  • City Intern
  • Graduate Intern
  • Municipal Fellow
  • Undergraduate Intern
Internship Program
An internship is a carefully monitored work experience that relates to the student’s academic curriculum and/or career goals and earns academic credit for a grade. It is an educational strategy that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with work-based learning in a professional setting. It is an academic endeavor that is planned with intentional learning goals, careful observation and structured critical reflection about the phenomena being studied. It is required of business and communications majors and offered by almost all other majors, can be part-time or full-time, and can be paid or unpaid. It enhances academic knowledge, personal development, and professional preparation.