Fellowship/Internship Program



The city of Portsmouth’s Fellowship and Internship program promotes the growth and development of our future workforce by offering internships to graduate students, undergraduate students and high school students. Internship and fellowship positions are unique to each department and may be for pay or for academic credit.  More importantly, not only do internships help bridge the gap between the academic world and the working world, these hands-on experiences also help students to put theories into practice, and offer opportunities for more personalized learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. 
Fellowship/Internship Categories 

The city of Portsmouth is pleased to announce the following types of fellowships/internships:

  • Municipal Fellow
  • Undergraduate Intern
  • Graduate Intern  

What You Will Get From The City of Portsmouth
Career development opportunities are provided to students in the Internship and Fellowship program which promote and develop effective leadership, accountability, soft skills and more. 

  • Learn about the professional workforce
  • Meet peers with similar interest
  • Develop and build upon skills
  • Learn more about your field of industry
  • Apply knowledge learned in the classroom
The city of Portsmouth encourages a learning culture throughout our Internship and Fellowship programs, the city ensures that leadership takes an active role in knowledge transfer and best practices through out our workforce. 
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