Training Testimonials

Testimonials from the recent training and workshop participants

Question:    What information can you take from this course and use on the job?

​Perception and Assumption training
"A positive perception leads to positive assumption, which leads to better customer service."
"Confidence. How you see yourself.  Good customer service skills."
​​"How to perceive situations/things properly and with a more open mind."

Developing and Improving Interpersonal Relationship training
"How to relate w/ co-workers & mentor for effective outcome, deal w/ work."
​"Awareness of inconvenient truths regarding yourself can lead to self-improvement." 

Decision Making Process training
"Acknowledgement of the challenges with decision making. Having a different approach and implementing the new way of thinking and doing."
​"Proper steps of decision making to become more efficient and effective."
​​"A lot of information will be taken back but just a few notes were the  process matters, how you get to that decision matters."

Conflict Management
"Fishbone Chart (Ishikawa)."
​​"Conflict resolution through collaboration."
​​"Being able to approach conflict resolution systematically, not personally."