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For the year 2030, Portsmouth City Council envisions a community and a government having the qualities set forth in these vision principles. City Council makes a commitment that it will strive to achieve this vision through its various official actions and decisions.

Change and New Directions
Portsmouth will remain alert to the challenges of an ever-changing world by recognizing and understanding new technological, organizational, economic, and social developments at the earliest opportunity. Portsmouth will use change for the purpose of seizing opportunities to benefit our citizens.

A Robust Economy for Working Men and Women
Portsmouth will have a robust and prospering economy, based largely on its traditional bases of the military, the maritime field, retail, and health care, as well as small and emerging businesses. There will be plentiful work opportunities in the skilled trades for working men and women, and for professionals.

Leading Maritime Center
Portsmouth is a historic waterfront city. It will remain true to this tradition and become the epicenter of the regional maritime economy. To that end, it will continue to expand on its traditional maritime base by aiding and supporting the maritime economy of the region, and by capitalizing on growth opportunities created by the vast, modern marine terminals located in Portsmouth, as well as additional growth opportunities in recreational boating and commercial maritime activities along underutilized sections of its waterfront. The growth in Portsmouth's maritime economy will cause growth in skilled labor and professional services.

Lifelong Learning Community
Education is the foundation of our social, political, and economic well being and is a top priority of the City. Through collaborative efforts of City Council, the School Board, and the private sector, Portsmouth has exceptional public and private schools. This includes learning opportunities for early childhood, primary and secondary education, higher education, career technical training, and workforce development. Its preferred educational system has made Portsmouth a top choice for employers and families.

Neighborhoods and a Sense of Community
Portsmouth will continue to be a diverse city of people who are proud of their neighborhoods and their city. They will have a strong sense of place and of belonging to their community. Portsmouth will be a place where all citizens feel like they belong, and where they'll be proud to belong.

Quality of Life
Portsmouth is committed to remaining a safe city where our residents, business owners and visitors can live, work, play and invest. Portsmouth will enrich the quality of life of all our citizens by constantly striving to improve community quality and providing a wide range of cultural, recreational and healthy activities. Portsmouth will be an environmentally friendly and sustainable community, and the place where many citizens of the region come to enjoy its unique sense of history and security , its cultural attractions, and its recreational activities.

Efficient, Responsive Government
City government will operate in an effective and efficient manner to meet the needs and desires of citizens. Services will be provided with a high degree of professionalism and integrity. Citizens will respect their city government and its officials.

A Proud Military Community
The City's military history, which traces back to colonial days, makes it uniquely appreciative of the many contributions and sacrifices by our armed forces. The City will be fully supportive of local and regional efforts to strengthen our ties to the military presence in Hampton Roads, and also to make Portsmouth a desirable destination for members of the military and their families.

Pride of Past
Portsmouth's future is found in the footsteps of the richest traditions of America, from the earliest days of Colonial Virginia through the victories of equality, dignity, and diversity. As guardian of the collective heritage of many people, we are a united city focused on our Vision Principles. The Portsmouth family preserves the proudest traditions of the past as the compass for our future.

Core Values
Although this represents our Vision for 2030, these are the core values that will be our daily guiding principles as we conduct the people’s business.


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