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Q) What is the Portsmouth Parking Authority?

A) The Parking Authority is a separate legal entity that holds title to most of the public parking lots and garages in downtown Portsmouth. Appointed by City Council, it provides input on operational matters concerning rates and matters of public policy for various parking locations. For more information, call Jack Austin, Parking Authority Liaison at (757) 393-8594 • Ext. 4183.


Q) What is the mission of the Portsmouth Parking Authority?

A) To support the City’s retail, entertainment, cultural and economic goals by providing safe, convenient and affordable parking to all citizens by efficiently managing the City’s parking resources.


Q) Where do I find visitor parking downtown Portsmouth and how much will parking my vehicle cost?


A) Convenient visitor parking is available at meters and in City lots and garages. The rate for meters in the Civic Center Lot near the Courts facing the river and on Crawford Street and visitor parking in the Judicial Center Lot is $1.25 per hour. The rate for all other meters and visitor parking in City-operated garages is $1 per hour. Free parking is available up to two hours along High Street and other designated areas. Click here for complete details.


Q) When is visitor parking in the City garages FREE?

A) All day Saturday and Sunday, nightly 6 p.m. to 8 a.m., and City Holidays.


Q) When is metered parking free?

A) All day Saturday and Sunday, nightly 6 p.m. to 8 a.m., and City Holidays.


Q) Where can a disabled person find parking? 

A) Disabled persons with valid handicap license plates and/or placards may: park in any space designated for a disabled person, park free at a meter for up 4 hours, park for up to 4 hours in on-street parking spaces where time- restricted free parking is allowed, such as 2-hour spaces in the Olde Towne Business District, and park all day for free in visitor spaces in the Portsmouth Parking Authority Garages. Disabled parkers are not allowed to exceed the time designated for loading zones, and must follow the regulations for the City's Residential Parking Districts (Olde Towne, Olde Towne South, Southside, and Glensheallah).


Q) Where are the closest garages to the Children’s Museum of Virginia? 

A) The County Street Garage is equipped with automated pay-on-foot pay stations,  and offers pay in advance parking. The Middle Street Garage offers pay upon exit. Click here for complete details.

Q) Where is the closest garage to the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame?

A) Middle Street Parking Garage is located behind the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. Click here for complete details.

Q) How do I rent a monthly space in a City Parking Lot or City-operated Parking Garage?

A) Go to the Portsmouth Parking Authority Office located in the Middle Street Garage (441 Middle Street) to complete an application and pay the initial rent. Click here for the Online Rental Application.

Q. I would like to take the ferry from Portsmouth to Norfolk instead of driving through the tunnel. Is parking available close to the ferry landings?

A) Yes. The Portsmouth Parking Authority offers monthly rental spaces in City garages and the Crawford Bay Lot that are in easy walking distance to the ferry stops. For more information. Click here for complete details.

Q) I am being transferred to the U. S. Coast Guard’s 5th District Headquarters. Do you offer a military discount and where is the closest monthly parking available?

A) Yes, $40.00 discounted rate is available for active-duty military personnel and civilians and contractors working directly for the Coast Guard’s 5th District Headquarters and Norfolk offices. The closest garage is the Middle Street Parking Garage. Click here for the Online Rental Application

Q) I will be living in a Residential Parking District, such as Olde Towne. Where do I obtain a residential parking permit (decal) for my vehicle(s), and how can I obtain guest passes for my visitors?

A) Residential parking permits are available at the City Treasurer’s Office at City Hall. Short-term Guest Passes are issued by the Portsmouth Parking Authority’s Customer Service Office located in the Middle Street Parking Garage. Click here for a list of Residential Parking Districts.

Q) What are the hours of operation of the Portsmouth Parking Authority Customer Service Office in the Middle Street Garage?

A) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:30 a.m.–Noon and 1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.; Wednesday: 1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

Q) Who enforces on-street and off-street parking regulations?

A) The Portsmouth Police Department’s Security Unit (city-wide) and the Portsmouth Parking Authority’s Parking Enforcement Technicians (downtown area only)

Q) I parked at a meter and it malfunctioned. Who do I call to report the problem?

A) Call the Portsmouth Parking Authority Customer Service Office at (757) 393-8800

Q) How can I pay the parking ticket I received?

A) Parking tickets can be paid in person at the Police Department’s Police Records Unit or in the City Treasurer’s Office in City Hall or at the Churchland Library, or by mail to Portsmouth City Treasurer, 801 Crawford Street • Portsmouth, VA 23704-3872. You may also call 1-800-272-9829 to pay-by-phone or pay on-line at www.officialpayments.com using your ticket number and Jurisdiction Code 6209.

Q) If I don’t agree with the ticket, how can I appeal it?

A) Appear in person within 14 days from date of issue at the Traffic Division Clerk’s Office of Portsmouth General District Court located at 711 Crawford Street • Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., to request a Court Hearing. Please bring your parking ticket and identification.

Q) Who can I contact about unpaid parking tickets issued for my vehicle?

A) The Portsmouth Police Department Records Unit Office at (757) 393-8737. If you do not have the ticket(s), please have your vehicle’s license plate number when you call.

Q) I am having construction work done at my business or residence in downtown Portsmouth. Can I have parking space(s) reserved on the street so that the contractor can park nearby while doing the work?

A) Yes. Call the Portsmouth Parking Authority at (757) 393-8800 to arrange rental of metered and non-metered construction spaces at $5 per day (Monday–Friday). Click here for the Online Rental Application

Q) I will be attending a concert at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion. Do I have to pay to park, and how much will it cost?

A) A $1 parking fee is included in the ticket purchase price. Ample parking is available in City-operated parking garages and lots. Handicap parking is located in the Columbia Street Lot which is across the street from the Pavilion’s entrance. Additional handicap and VIP parking is located directly behind the Pavilion, and is accessible by turning onto Wavy Street from Port Centre Parkway.

Q) Are public restrooms provided in or near parking facilities?

A) Yes. Public restrooms are located in the Middle Street Parking Garage (on the southeast corner of the garage off of Queen Street) and in the Water Street Parking Garage (on the east side of the garage facing Water Street). The County Street Garage has portable toilet facilities. The restrooms are locked at night for security reasons.





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