Notices & Appeals

Assessment Notices

The Assessor’s Office mails assessment notices in February of each year to all owners of real property in Portsmouth. The notices reflect the estimate of value for the upcoming tax year, which begins on July 1. A property owner may call, write, email or fax the Assessor's Office to discuss the assessed value of their property with an appraiser. 
The Appeal is for the proposed values effective July 1, 2021 which are noted on the Notice of Proposed Assessment that have been mailed to each owner of Real property in the City of Portsmouth, VA. This appeal process is not for the current FY, only for the proposed value FY 21-22 as noted in the mailed notice.

The Appeals Process

Informal Hearing (Informal Review)

Each notice displays the dates for informal appeal should the property owner wish to discuss their assessment with an appraiser in our office. These dates usually occur during a one week period in the month of March.

This first step in the appeal process is simply an "informal" meeting with the Assessor’s Office. You may speak to an appraiser, review the data used in computing the assessed value, and if necessary, schedule an inspection of the property. An Assessment Appeal Application must be filled out prior to this "informal" meeting. These forms may be downloaded on the Official Forms page or obtained in our office. 

If you have questions regarding the assessed value of your property, or if your opinion of the value of your property differs from the City’s, the City Assessor’s staff is available to provide you with answers concerning the assessment process and your specific assessment. Call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss the assessed value of your property with an appraiser. This process allows the property owner the opportunity to review the data utilized to determine the current assessed value of the property. At this time you can also verify our records for correctness. If you desire an in person inspection of the property, all COVID-19 safety protocols must be followed. If you then wish to appeal your assessment, please see the process below:

  • Informal Appeals will be conducted by the City Assessor’s Office:

 March 15th thru April 9th, 2021.

  • The Office of City Assessor and staff will schedule appointments with property owners, or authorized representatives, upon receipt of completed application.

  • The applications for Informal Appeal to the City Assessor can be mailed or emailed at the request of the property owner or, are available online. If you need assistance please call the office.

  • The valuation of a property may only be discussed with the property owner or a duly authorized agent for the owner.

  • In the case of a representative of the owner requesting an informal review, an original signed Letter of Authorization or Power of Attorney granted by the property owner, is required.

  • The Letter of Authorization or Power of Attorney must specify the person to whom authority is given as well as the level of authority.

  • The Letter of Authorization is valid for the current appeal year only.

  • The City Assessor’s Office may be reached by phone, fax, and email, and also by mail via USPS or dropping correspondence in one of the City drop boxes.

  • For more information please call 757-393-8631 or visit


Relief from Real Estate Taxes is offered through Tax Exemption by Classification:

  • Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled (757) 405-1800 Ext 8302, 8333, or 8447
  • Disabled Veterans or Surviving Spouse (757) 393-8799
  • Tax Exemption by Designation, Land Use and Rehabilitated Real Estate and Rehabilitated Real Estate in Urban Enterprise Zones.  To see if you qualify for these programs, contact the City Assessor’s Office at (757) 393-8631.

Board of Equalization

Property owners who are not satisfied with the outcome of their discussion or Informal Appeal with the Assessor’s Office and their property assessment, may appeal to the Board of Equalization. The Board consists of a three-member citizen group appointed by the Circuit Court of Portsmouth. Appeals to the Board are made by filing a completed application review form to the Board. The application form is available from the Assessor’s Office.

Pursuant to Section 58.1—3378, Code of Virginia, notice is hereby given

BOE FORMAL Appeal applications are accepted April 1 thru 30th, 2021 and
MUST BE RECEIVED IN OFFICE by 5 p.m. April 30, 2021.

The Board of Equalization of the City of Portsmouth, will conduct hearings
during the following dates and via pre-scheduled appointments: May 10-28, 2021

  • The Board will conduct hearings on filed appeals for the purpose of hearing assessment concerns and in consideration of equalizing real estate assessments in the City and to insure uniform and equitable assessments.
  • Applications are available online at  Or by contacting the Portsmouth City Assessor’s Office
  • Applications must be submitted to:
  • Board of Equalization, City Assessor, P.O. Box 820, Portsmouth, VA   23705, or emailed to: or Fax: 757-393-8177
  • Applications must be completed by Owner of Record (per Deed) or Authorized Agent.
  • Letter of Authorization may be found on The Assessor’s webpage on the Forms tab.
  • Upon receipt of a complete application an appointment will be scheduled at the convenience of the applicant. Please provide a contact number.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Applications must provide all requested information and attachments to be deemed complete.
  • The City Assessor may request additional information to supplement an application to the Board of Equalization.
  • The Board may ask for additional information.
  • One application for each parcel being appealed.
  • Individuals with disabilities who require special accommodations should call the Office of the City Assessor at (757) 393-8631, at least three (3) working days in advance of the meeting date, so that proper accommodations may be made.
An appeal of a decision made by the Board may be made to the Circuit Court of Portsmouth.