Planning Commission Agenda Items

Agenda Items for December Meeting 

UP-20-10 (Downtown) - Lisa Murphy, of Wilcox & Savage, P.C., requests a Use Permit for a five-story 60-unit multi-family apartment building elevated upon a one-story parking structure at 700 Crawford Street. The property consists of 0.99 acres and the proposed density is 60 dwelling units per acre. The property is zoned Downtown (D1) in the T6 sub-district. The Future Land Use Map of the Build One Portsmouth Comprehensive Plan designates this property for Mixed-Use Downtown. The property is owned by the City of Portsmouth and is identified as Tax Map 7, Parcel 90.

Portsmouth Citywide Housing Plan

In addition, a presentation on the Portsmouth Citywide Housing Plan will be given during the meeting.

Housing that meets the needs of its residents and supports quality of life is crucial to successful resident retention and attraction.  In Portsmouth in recent decades, declining regional competitiveness and aging housing and infrastructure have led to population loss, even as the regional population has grown.  A historic downtown waterfront, community and civic pride of lifelong residents, and regional strengths provide opportunities for growth in Portsmouth.  The City needs a strategic approach to deploy limited funding and staff capacity and build partnerships to address housing challenges, enhance equity and resilience citywide, and meet the needs of its residents.

Download the final version of the plan here