Judicial Lot Parking

Parking in the Portsmouth Judicial Center Lot

The Judicial Center Parking Lot is equipped with Automated Self-Service Pay Stations, located outside near the entrances and inside the main hall of the Judicial Center across from the elevators.
  • Pre-Pay for parking immediately after parking vehicle.
  • $1.25 per hour / $6 per day
  • Daily flat rate applies only if selected for initial purchase.
  • Removing vehicle from parking space ends time purchased.
  • Methods of Payment Accepted: Cash, VISA, or Mastercard
  • Change is dispensed in coin only. No refunds for un-used time.
  • Vehicles displaying valid disabled placards or license plates park for free.

Instructions for Using Judicial Center Pay Stations

  1. Enter your space number, Select OKAY (D button).
  2. Select hourly or all day. If you selected hourly, select the amount of time you need.
  3. Put coins, cash, or credit card in appropriate slot.
    • Note: When using credit card, insert fully and withdraw quickly.
  4. Lift the door in the bottom of the pay station and collect your ticket receipt.
Enforcement patrols the visitor area from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday - Friday