Zoning Verification Requests

Zoning Verification Requests are designed to give the applicant a general description of a zoning district or references to applicable zoning standards related to particular property.

  • Omitting information from the description provided on the application will cause the application to be deemed incomplete. 
  • All requested information needs to be entered on the Zoning Verification Request Form. Information contained on other forms and documents submitted with the request form will not be considered in the request.
  • No action will take place if staff determines that the application is incomplete.
  • Once staff receives the required information as listed in the Submittal Requirement Checklist on the form and determines the application is complete, staff will review the request and mail or email a Zoning Verification letter to the primary point of contact listed
  • The City shall not be required to inform the primary point of contact or property owner about any changes affecting the development potential or status of the lot or site after a Zoning Verification letter has been issued.
  • The Zoning Verification Request form should not be used to request information about building code violations, fire code violations, certificates of occupancy, or copies of site plans on this form. Those requests are not handled by Zoning and need to be directed to the appropriate departments. Answers to questions about building code violations, fire code violations, certificates of occupancy, or copies of site plans will not be included in the Zoning Verification response.
  • Note that the Zoning Verification will be provided via a standard City letter. Any supplemental forms submitted by the applicant will not be filled out by the Zoning staff.

The Zoning Verification Request Fee is $25 or fee as established in City Code Appendix A Portsmouth Fee Schedule.

Note that no action on a Zoning Verification Request will take place until the appropriate fee is received.

Zoning Verification Request Form

Zoning Verification Request Form

The Zoning Verification Request Form can be downloaded here. Zoning Verification Request Form

Applicants should be sure to consult the checklist on the application to ensure that all the required information and materials are included with the application when it is submitted. The Zoning staff can be consulted if additional information is needed prior to submitting an application.

Zoning Verification Request Form Submission

Completed applications should be submitted by email whenever possible. Email applications and associated supporting materials for Zoning Verifications Requests to portsmouth.zoning@portsmouthva.gov.

Electronic/digital submission of applications and other materials is encouraged whenever feasible.

Zoning application materials and documents should not be placed in any dropbox or included with submissions to other city departments. 

Required documents must be submitted directly to the Zoning staff and are required in addition to documents submitted to other departments.

For items that cannot be emailed, applicants can send items by US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS (as appropriate for the application type).



Credit card payments can now be accepted over the phone. Please call the Planning Department at 757-393-8836 for more information. Please note that a signed credit card authorization form is required to be submitted before a credit card payment can be processed.