Portsmouth Flood Resilience Strategy

The draft of the Portsmouth Flood Resilience Strategy can be found here. The Plan identifies the locations in the city most vulnerable to flooding, potential adaptation responses, and future steps in completing the project. 

Project Overview

People and places in Portsmouth are currently being affected by flooding.  Flooding impacts will worsen in the future due to climate change. To protect our community from flood hazards and to reduce flood risk, the City of Portsmouth is developing the Portsmouth Flood Resilience Strategy (PFRS). 

A combination of public outreach, risk assessment, and scenario development will be used to create an action plan that will reduce today's risks and build resilience to future risks associated with flooding.

The PFRS will build on prior work and plans completed by the City, including the Build One Portsmouth Comprehensive Plan, Citywide Housing Plan, Portsmouth Poverty  Study,  Hampton  Roads  Hazard   Mitigation  Plan, 2021 Portsmouth & Chesapeake Joint Land Use Study,  2015 Floodplain Management and Repetitive Loss Plan Updateand Portsmouth Adaptation Response to

Contact information

Brian Swets - swetsb@portsmouthva.gov - 757-393-8836 X4237