Project Information

Project Background:

In September 2021, the City submitted an application to the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR) Community Flood Preparedness Fund (CFPF), leading to an award for developing Portsmouth’s Data-Driven and Equity-Driven Flood Resilience Strategy (PFRS).FRS Flood Street2Churchland Village

FRS Flood Street3

Water Street Parking Lot

Project Purpose:

The PFRS will recommend actions the City and residents should take to reduce risks and increase resilience to flooding. The strategy will be informed by inclusive community engagement, starting with the development of a community vision for a resilient future. The strategy is guided by a set of overarching principles that will ground and inform the project planning process and help to prioritize actions that come out of the PFRS.


Processes and outcomes will proactively and intentionally provide community members with fair access to resources and opportunities that are essential to community resilience and quality of life. Differences in community member needs are acknowledged and incorporated into processes and outcomes.


Decisions will be based on the best available science, studies, and data. Information on current and future flood risks will be developed and communicated clearly to stakeholders. Quantifiable metrics will be used to make important decisions that affect the community’s well-being and improve the City’s ability to adapt to flooding.


Outcomes will be focused on long-term improvements to community resilience and well-being, with emphasis placed on nature-based approaches that both enhance the natural environment, reduce risks from flooding, and help address other climate change impacts.


The people of Portsmouth are at the center of the planning process. The strategy is focused on protecting and enhancing the community’s health, safety, and quality of life while prioritizing the efficient and effective use of people’s time, resources, and energy.  

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Washington Street