Crime Reduction Plan 2023

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Letter from Stephen Jenkins, Chief of Police

Chief Jenkins New PhotoSince becoming Chief of Police, the Portsmouth Police Department has been reviewing and expanding our Crime Prevention and Violence Reduction Strategy, which was implemented in October 2021. We found it necessary to reinforce and expand our previous methods by establishing shared goals to increase community safety and enhance our strategic framework for effective collaboration in reducing violent crime. Our updated plan outlines the Police Department’s roadmap for curbing violence in Portsmouth. This action plan will remain a living document that will be continuously revised to better respond to the conditions and needs of the city and community. Violence of any level in Portsmouth is unacceptable to both the PPD and the community, and as Chief of Police, I am committed to resolving it professionally and personally. 

Our department is more focused than ever on using data and technology to prevent crime. Data-driven and technology-based crime prevention efforts coupled with the Stratified Policing principles developed by Dr. Roberto Santos and Dr. Rachel Santos will form the foundation of our strategy. Our studies have also shown that violent crime is primarily concentrated in a few small geographic areas, consistent with other urban studies.   

Gun-related violence in the city is becoming harder to predict, and many incidents occur due to petty arguments and interpersonal conflicts. While the Crime Plan is our best strategy to reduce violence in the city, we understand that our efforts alone are not enough. We need to work together with community organizations, elected officials, and every resident willing to help shape public safety in Portsmouth.   

As law enforcement professionals, we must constantly adapt to changes in leadership, resources, community needs, the environment, laws, and technology. My ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life through public safety for everyone in our city. As we navigate these challenging times, we must remember our core values of Respect for all stakeholders, Integrity, Service, and Excellence.    

We are better together, and I challenge everyone to read this Crime Plan with a discerning eye and to engage in its implementation, providing support, criticism, or feedback along the way. 

Stephen D. Jenkins  

Chief of Police Portsmouth Police Department   

(*The City of Portsmouth Crime Prevention and Violence Prevention Plan is a living document that will be continually updated and evaluated to ensure its strategies produce results aligned with the City’s priorities.)