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Citizen Empowerment Forum Schedule:

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Mimi Terry, Interim City Manager

Welcome - Mimi Terry (Interim City Manager)

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I. C. Norcom High School (Auditorium)

1801 London Boulevard

Thursday, March 30, 2023

6 pm to 8 pm


Public Safety

Crime Prevention - Chief Jenkins (Police Chief)

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911 System Improvements - Paula Garner (911 Administrator)

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Technology – Cliff Hayes (Director of IT) or David Williams (Division Manager of IT)

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Citizen Empowerment Forum

Churchland High School

Thursday, March, 2, 2023


2024 Budget Process – Trey Burke (Budget Officer)

Grants - Doug Weller (Grant Officer)

Economic Development – Brian Donahue (Director of Economic Development)

Code Changes/Dangerous Buildings – Lonnie Colley (Manager of Code Enforcement)

Short-Term Rental – Derek Challenger (Deputy City Attorney)

Communication Channels – Peter Glagola (Director of Marketing and Communications)

March 2 Forum Video

Citizen Empowerment Forum

Manor High School (Little Theater)

Thursday, March 16, 2023


Downtown Development – James Wright (City Engineer)

Museums – Dr. Alex Benitez (Director of Museums)

City Park – Mark Palamarchuck (Director of Parks & Recreation)

Infrastructure (water, sewer) – James Wright (City Engineer)

Public Transportation - Carl Jackson (Manager of Transportation)

March 16 Forum Video