Crime and Gun Violence Prevention Commission

Crime and Gun Violence Prevention Commission

The Commission is comprised of nine at-large members appointed by the City Council consisting of not less than three at-large members from community organizations, including, but not limited to, civic league presidents or designees, clergy, and community leaders.   

The Commission shall act as an advisory group to the city government and City Council on developing and implementing comprehensive action items that collaboratively address the need to reduce crime and gun violence in the city.  The Commission shall aid in forging community partnerships to assist in reducing crime and violence.  

The Commission shall hold regular monthly meetings on a date and time fixed by the Commission and such special meetings as it deems necessary. 


The Portsmouth City Council is looking for suitable candidates to serve as members of our many boards and commissions.  Members are appointed to several boards concerned about various subjects, including finance, land use, parks and recreation, museums and fine arts, and many other areas. The Council relies on the boards to advise them and help them to make decisions in these areas.  

We are looking for people who exhibit the following characteristics:  


Interested in the future of Portsmouth 

Want to make a difference in the community 

Innovative and creative thinker 

Open to new ways of doing business    

If selected, you should be willing to commit to:  

Regular attendance: Express your views, even if they differ from the majority. Help recruit others who are willing and able to volunteer. Communicate with citizens about the activities of your board. 

If interested, please apply