Trash and Recycling Cans

  • Garbage cans should be placed out for collection at any time after 5:00p.m the day before collection and by NO LATER THAN 7:00 a.m. the day of collection.
  • Trash carts should have at least 3 feet of space between them and other obstacles such as mailboxes, parked cars, bulk, recycling carts etc.
  • Empty garbage cans must be removed from the curb by 7:00p.m. the day of collection.
  • Overloaded trash cans will not be collected. Trash container lids must be able to close securely.
  • All trash placed in the trash cart should be bagged to reduce litter
  • Citizen is responsible for cleaning up any loose or unbagged trash that falls out of the trash cart during collection
  • Trash lid should be facing the street
  • Please do not place paint, oil, hot ashes, or hazardous material inside of trash carts.
  • Violations of these rules and regulations may result in fines or assessed penalties on real estate bills.