Obtaining Cans


  •  Your Water account must be established through the water department prior to calling to request cans
  • The person whose name is on the water account is the person who must call in to request the cans. 
  • Each household is provided One trash can and One Recycle cart. 
  • Additional cans can be purchased for a one-time fee of $75 per can that will be billed to your water account. There is a limit of one additional trash can and one additional recycle cart per household/unit (for apartments) only.  A written request is required to purchase any additional cans. The request must be sent to: trash@portsmouthva.gov   The email MUST include: Your full name, your address, your telephone number, and the statement that you understand about a one-time fee of $75 PER CAN being applied to your water account


  • Call our office at (757) 393-8629 to have your damaged can (trash or recycle) repaired or replaced. 
  • Cans are serviced ONLY on your collection day. If you are waiting to have a can repaired or replaced, please leave the damaged can at the curbside after it has been dumped until 5:30P.M on your collection days only. Can must be at curbside in order to be repaired or replaced. 
  • if your can is missing or was stolen, please contact the non-emergency number (757) 393-5300 and file a missing/stolen can report with them first and retrieve the report number from that department. Once you have filed a report, contact the Waste Management department to request a replacement can. The report number is required to replace the can(s).