White Neighborhood Schedule

"White" Recycle Collection Neighborhood Breakout

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Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
Belvedere Baywood Afton Commons Forrest Park
Bishops Green Belmont Afton Village Glenshellah
Brandon Square Cedar Point Arcadia Heights Greenbrier
Briarwood Collinswood Cradock Lake Shores
Edgefield Elizabeth Acres Cradock Gardens Lynn Shores
Edgefield East Elizabeth Manor Douglas Park Merrimac Point
Edgewood Park Elmhurst Square Fairville Midtown / Uptown
Greenefield Farms Green Lakes Glendale Mt. Hermon (North)
Hidden Cove Hattonsville Estates *Greenwood Drive - from
Deep Creek Boulevard to
George Washington Highway
Olde Towne
Hosiers Oaks Hodges Manor Highland Biltmore
Olde Towne Commons
Lanier Gardens Kimberly Acres Highland Park
Olde Towne South
Long Point Kings Gate Crossing Maplewood Park
Olde Towne Square
Merrifields Manorview North Truxton
Park View
North Siesta Gardens Mayflower Park Truxton
Port Norfolk
Pinecroft Mimosa Cove West Cradock
River Park
Pride Homes Park Manor
Shea Terrace
River Shores Pine Acres
Sugar Hill
Siesta Gardens Portsmouth Acres
Swimming Point
Southampton Sandie Point
West Park View
Stone Mill Estates Shea Farms

Sweethaven *Simonsdale - Shea Street
between Portsmouth Boulevard
and Vick Street, Byers Avenue
to Elmhurst Lane

Westmoreland South Park Manor

Windmill Shores Stewart Manor

Windy Pines West Park Homes

Woods of Hampton