Weeds / Tall Grass

If you have questions or wish to complain about a specific property, please contact staff at 757-393-8531

Lawn Violations

Chapter 23 of the City Code requires the property owner to cut the weeds and grass on his/her property. This is to include the area between the sidewalk and the street and the ditches. The city code states it to be unlawful and constitutes a nuisance for the owner or occupant to permit weeds to grow to a height exceeding ten inches. When an inspector observes a property in violation of the ordinance, he/she may send a courtesy notice to the property owner asking for the grass to be cut within seven days.

Notice of Violation

If the owner fails to cut the grass after a courtesy notice is sent, then the inspector will send a Notice of Violation. If the owner fails to cut the grass after a Notice of Violation the inspector can use the services of one of several contractors on the City's bid list to cut the grass. All charges are then billed back to the owner in the form of a lien against the property. In addition to the actual charge of cutting the weeds and grass an administrative fee of $150 will be added to the bill. Only two Notices of Violation per calendar year will be issued. If after a second notice is issued, the grass is discovered to be over 10 inches, the city will contract the grass to be cut by a private contractor.