The Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office has been a staple part of the community for many years. Each and everyday we strive to improve and make our community better for those that visit, live and work in this historic city that we like to call home.

We do this by providing necessary resources that would otherwise not be available to the Citizens of Portsmouth.

Programs & Services

  • Crime Prevention - Crime prevention's motto is everybody's business holds true with the Portsmouth Sheriff's Office.
  • Ident-A-Kid - The Ident-A-Kid program seeks to expedite the location of missing children.
  • Elder Watch - The Elder Watch program recognizes some of the challenges seniors may face in their golden years.
  • Funeral Escort - The Sheriff's Office provides a funeral escort service to our community as a way to pay our respects to our citizens.
  • Honor Guard - The Portsmouth Sheriff's Office Honor Guard is a dedicated team of men and women who proudly represent their department and the City of Portsmouth.
  • Kid Watch - Kid Watch is a program that educates local children and adults on traffic safety.
  • Meals-On-Wheels - Meals-On-Wheels is a valuable service that helps to provide home delivered meals to seniors and those identified as home-bound, disabled, frail, or at risk.
  • Project LifeSaver - Project LifeSaver is a wonderful tool that assists law enforcement and other trained professionals in locating missing individuals with Alzheimer's, Autism, or other related disabilities.
  • Security Surveys - Security Surveys is a worthwhile service that assists citizens and businesses in identifying potential security risk.
  • Triad - Triad is a program that focuses on reducing fear of crime and improving the quality of life for senior Virginians.
  • VINES - VINES is a program system to keep victims informed about offenders in near real-time information.