Houses of Worship History

 Year Church Founded
1761 Trinity Church (Began as Portsmouth Parish of The Church of England)
1772 Monumental Methodist Church (Began as The Methodist Episcopal Church)
1789 Court Street Baptist Church (Began as Portsmouth and Norfolk Baptist Church; became Court Street, 1855)
1803 St. Paul’s Catholic Church (From St. Patrick’s/ St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Norfolk)
1822 First Presbyterian Church of Portsmouth
1840 Grove Baptist Church (From Sycamore Hill Baptist Church/ Churchland Baptist Church, located in Norfolk County)
1848 St. John’s Episcopal Church
1855 River Shore Baptist Church (Began as Fourth Street Baptist Church, from Court Street Baptist Church
1857 Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (From Monumental Methodist Church)
1865 Ebenezer Baptist Church (Began as First Colored Baptist Church, from Court Street Baptist Church
1865 Zion Baptist Church (From Court Street Baptist)
1883 Centenary United Methodist Church (Began as Craney Island Mission, 1785 then Wesley Chapel, 1848)
1885 The Third Baptist Church (From Ebenezer Baptist Church)
1886 Gomley Chesed ("Doer of Good Deeds") Synagogue (Began as "Chevra Gomley Chesed" Synagogue)
1886 Mt. Hermon Temple Baptist Church
1887 New Bethel Baptist Church (Began as First Baptist Church, Pinners Point)
1889 Western Branch Baptist Church (Began as mission on Green Street, 1850, then South Street Baptist Church, 1889, from Court Street Baptist Church)
1890 First Baptist Church, South Portsmouth (Began as First Baptist Church of Brighton)
1889 First Baptist Church, West Norfolk (From Grove Baptist Church)
1892 St. Mark United Methodist Church (Began as Fifth Avenue Methodist Church, South, from Monumental Methodist Church)
1892 Park View United Methodist Church
1893 St. James Episcopal Church (Began as St. James Episcopal Mission, From Grace Episcopal, Norfolk)
1894 Olive Branch (From Zion Baptist Church)
1896 Brighton Rock AME Zion Church
1897 Calvary Baptist Church (Began as Scott’s Creek Chapel, 1883 then Scottsville Baptist Church, 1889 from Court Street Baptist Church)
1897 Broad Street United Methodist Church (Began as Port Norfolk and Pinners Point Methodist Episcopal Church, South)
1898 Port Norfolk Baptist Church (From Calvary Baptist Church)
1898 Zion Bethel United Church of Christ
1899 Portsmouth Seventh-Day Adventist Church
1899 Park View Baptist Church (from Court Street Baptist Church)
1901 Cottage Place United Methodist Church (Began as Central Mission, 1899)
1904 St. Thomas Baptist Church
1905 New Mt. Nebo Reformed Zion Union Apostolic Church (Began as Mt. Nebo RZUA)
1905 The First Baptist Taylorsville
1908 First Evangelical Lutheran Church
1910 Twine Memorial Holy Temple (Began as Union Holiness Church, No. 2)
1912 First Baptist, Elm Avenue (Began as First Baptist Church, Sherwood Place; From Zion Baptist Church)
1913 Westhaven Baptist Church (Began as Rodman Heights Baptist Church, From Calvary Baptist Church)
1915 Noble Street Baptist Church (Began as Mission of The Fairsville Community, located in Norfolk County)
1916 Providence AME Zion Church
1919 Cradock Presbyterian Church
1919 Cradock Methodist Church
1921 Mt. Carmel Baptist Church (From Zion Baptist Church)
1922 New Mt. Olivet Baptist Church (Began as Mt. Olivet Baptist Church)
1933 The Church of The Holy Angels (Began as mission of St. Paul’s Catholic Church at Cradock, 1919)
1933 New Jerusalem Church of God In Christ
1935 Mt. Calvary Baptist Church (Began as Fifth Baptist Church then Mt. Vernon Baptist Church)
1935 New Mt. Vernon Baptist Church
1940 Portsmouth Church of Christ
1942 West End United Methodist Church
1942 The Alliance Church (The Christian and Missionary Alliance)
1943 Bethany Baptist Church
1943 Alexander Baptist Church
1944 Redeemer Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod)
1945 Community United Methodist Church (Began as outreach ministry of Monumental Methodist Church, 1943)
1945 Grove Park Baptist Church (Began as The Baptist Tabernacle)
1952 Asbury Methodist Church (Began as Deep Creek Methodist Chapel)
1952 Biltmore Baptist Church (Began as The True Gospel Church, 1947)
1953 Temple Sinai Synagogue
1956 Holy Communion Evangelical Lutheran Church
1957 Green Acres Presbyterian Church (From First Presbyterian)
1958 Community Presbyterian Church
1958 United Congregational Church, United Church of Christ
1958 Community United Presbyterian Church
1959 St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church (Began as a Parochial Mission of Trinity Church, 1957)
1962 Portsmouth Christian Church
1963 Calvary Evangelical Church
1965 Christian Science Society of Portsmouth (Began as First Church of Christ, Scientist)
1966 St. Andrews United Methodist Church
1970 Church of The Resurrection Catholic Church
1972 Temple of Christ (Began as St. Matthew Church of God and Christ, from Sweet Haven Pentecostal Church of Carrollton, VA)
1974 New Testament Church
1979 Church of The Lord Jesus Christ of The Apostolic Faith
1982 Healing Temple Church
1982 Churchland Assembly of God
1987 Faith Fellowship Community Baptist Church
1987 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial United Methodist Church (Began as union of Elm Avenue UMC and Wright Memorial Church)
1992 End Times Church of Deliverance