Construction Information

Find information for all major construction, utility, and traffic projects throughout the City of Portsmouth. Please bookmark this page and check back often for the latest details.

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Updates & Resources

  1. Alexanders Corner Reconfiguration (PDF)
  2. Alternate Routes to Downtown October 24-26 (PDF)
  3. Asphalt Repairs at Churchland Railroad Crossings (PDF)
  4. Basin 4 Rehabilitation Design Project - FAQ (PDF)
  5. Churchland Bridge (NB Lanes) Replacement Project - Public Hearing on December 3rd (PDF)
  6. Churchland Bridge Replacement (PDF)
  7. Court Street Closed from Bart Street to County Street (PDF)
  8. Deep Creek Blvd Road Closure Friday, October 4 (PDF)
  9. Deep Creek Boulevard Road Closure (PDF)
  10. Des Moines Ave to Close Temporarily Between South and Duke Streets (PDF)
  11. Des Moines Ave. Exit Ramp to Close November 12th (PDF)
  12. Directions Alternate Routes During Downtown Tunnel Closings (PDF)
  13. Downtown Portsmouth- HRT Transfer Area Relocation (PDF)
  14. Downtown Tunnel Number Longer Closed on Weekends (PDF)
  15. Downtown Tunnel Rehabilitation to Include Closures (PDF)
  16. Downtown Tunnel to remain open in both directions Labor Day weekend (PDF)
  17. Elm Ave to Close at Navy Pedestrian Bridge June 8-14 (PDF)
  18. February 17, 2013 MLK Project Update (PDF)
  19. Frederick Boulevard Closures (PDF)
  20. Frederick Boulevard Off-Ramp to Close 18 Months (PDF)
  21. Harbor Drive Lane Closure Scheduled for 30 Days (PDF)
  22. High Street Paving Project in Churchland (PDF)
  23. High Street Paving Scheduled Between Frederick Boulevard and Willett Drive (PDF)
  24. High Street to Close - Confederate Ave and Constitution Ave, March 3rd (PDF)
  25. I-264 Detours Between Frederick and Portsmouth Boulevards - Bridge Replacement (PDF)
  26. I-264 Downtown Tunnel Open This Weekend - August 23 and 24 (PDF)
  27. I-264 East and West in Portsmouth To Close Nightly (PDF)
  28. I-264 East Downtown Tunnel Rehabilitation Begins Week of July 20 (PDF)
  29. I-264 Full Overnight Closure on December 6th and 7th (PDF)
  30. I-264 WEST Downtown Tunnel Closure Schedule (PDF)
  31. July Master Utlity Plan Newsletter (PDF)
  32. King St., County St., and Meander Road Close for Project Construction Activities (PDF)
  33. Lane Closure at Portsmouth Boulevard and City Park Ave. (PDF)
  34. Lane Closure on Effingham Street July 24-25 (PDF)
  35. London Boulevard Off-Ramp to Close Jan. 23rd for MLK Extension Construction (PDF)
  36. London Boulevard South Off-Ramp Reopens (PDF)
  37. Master Utility Plan Newsletter April 2014 (PDF)
  38. Master Utility Plan Newsletter September 2014 (PDF)
  39. Pavilion Drive to Close to Through Traffic April 28th until May 12th (PDF)
  40. Portion of Court Street to Close Temporarily (PDF)
  41. Portion of High Street to Be Paved Beginning March 22nd (PDF)
  42. Road Closures at County St. During Construction Project (PDF)
  43. South St. On-Ramp to Close (PDF)
  44. Traffic Detour at Crystal Lake Drive (PDF)
  45. Trexler Ave. and Manteo St. Closures to Thru Traffic (PDF)
  46. Turnpike Road to Close Between Confederate and Constitution Avenues (PDF)
  47. Turnpike Road to Close Between Confederate and Constitutions Avenues (PDF)
  48. U.S. 58 Midtown Tunnel Full Weekend Closure, Jan. 29 through Feb. 1 (PDF)
  49. Utility Construction Work To Begin Around Portsmouth City Hall (PDF)
  50. VDOT to permanently close Harbor Drive between High Street and Turnpike Road (PDF)
  51. Victory Boulevard Lane Closures During Work on May 31st (PDF)