Payment Related Options

Payment Options

There are many ways to pay your water bill:

Make A Payment

Pay Bill

Pay your bill with your credit card (Discover, Visa, and MasterCard accepted) or personal check online or over the phone.

  • View the pay utility bill online page
  •  or call 757-393-5008 to use the automated phone system
  • Please have your account number ready.
  •  There is a $3.50 service charge* to use your card. The fee is $1.25 to use a check.
  • Once payment is made, make note of the confirmation code.  
  • If service needs to be restored, call the business office at 757-393-8524.

Note: have your credit card or personal check information and Utility account number ready

*As of November 1, 2017, a service fee will be charged when you utilize your credit/debit card or electronic check to pay for your utility bill. This fee is charged and collected by a third party provider. The City of Portsmouth does not receive any portion of the fee that is charged.

Bank Drafting ( ACH)

On time payment! No check writing! No postage cost! To participate in bank drafting, you will need to provide the following information to the Public Utilities Department:

  • Public Utilities Account Number
  • Bank Routing Number and Account Number 
  • Bank Account type (Checking, Savings, etc.) 
  • Signed Electronic Payment Authorization form

1.  Complete, sign and return an Automatic Drafting Form for each account you wish to have paid electronically.

2.  Return the completed and signed Automatic Drafting Form to us with a voided check (No Starter Checks) for the bank account you would like your payments deducted from.

3.  Mail these to us at:

Portsmouth Department of Public Utilities
P.O. Box 490
Portsmouth, VA 23705

4.  If you change names, addresses, banks or bank account numbers a new agreement(s) will be required.
Your Public Services Bill will notify you when Electronic Payment is in effect.
Note: Your account will be debited during the week your payment is due. That could mean your bill will be paid a few days in advance of the actual due date, but not after. 

Payment Related Forms and Documents