Economic Development Boards & Commissions

The City provides a wide variety of Boards and Commissions that encourage members to participate in discussions that affect and shape the future of our City. We believe it is not only the right, but the responsibility of interested and capable citizens to become engaged in local government policy by advising the Mayor and City Council on important community-related issues. Serving on a Board or Commission is an excellent way to make a personal contribution to Portsmouth's growth and can be a rewarding experience for everyone.
Economic Development Authority (EDA) - The primary responsibility of the EDA is to foster business growth within the City and thereby create employment opportunities.  Some of the EDA's more important powers are the ability to purchase land for business use and the Authority to issue tax-free revenue bonds for private enterprise in the acquisition of land, buildings, equipment, and related facilities.

Portsmouth Port and Industrial Commission (PPIC) - The PPIC serves to foster industrial development within the City.  However, the role of the PPIC has been more narrowly defined so that its efforts are directed at the stimulation of waterfront development along with closely related industrial and commercial activities.  The Commission has the authority to condemn property for public reuse and the power to acquire the necessary capital.