M/WBE Program

Minority/Women Business Enterprise Program

The "New Portsmouth” is a City poised to provide Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBES) greater access to City contracting opportunities to grow their business. The City is committed to addressing historical disparities in the awarding of local government contracts to M/WBEs. The M/WBE program will provide guidance and clarification for the procurement of city goods and services that will improve business opportunities for minority and woman-owned business enterprises. 

The City’s M/WBE website will offer online registration for businesses, viewing of bids/solicitations, and outreach events. The website will also include helpful links to other organizations vital to successful business growth.

Economic Growth

The City’s Purchasing Office is committed to promoting economic growth for M/WBEs by:

  • Revising solicitation specifications to mandate the inclusion of M/WBEs as part of the submission criteria
  • Offering opportunities for M/WBE participation in city-sponsored events
  • Serving as the direct customer link to create opportunities for the goods and services the city seeks to procure

Thank you for your interest in pursuing contracting opportunities with the City of Portsmouth.


Events will be hosted by the by the City’s M/WBE Program Coordinator to inform and educate businesses on how to do business with the City. The following forms are expected to place:

  • round table discussions
  • town meetings
  • small business meetings
  • workshops
  • networking sessions with the City's departments

Suggestions Welcome

Your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions regarding activities/events, you would like to engage in to promote the growth and opportunities for M/WBE‘s is welcome. Email us with any input you have.