Where do I obtain my Business License?
The appropriate Business License can be issued through the Business Tax Section
Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue:
801 Crawford Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704

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1. Will your business be located within the city limits of Portsmouth? Or, Will you conduct business within the city limits?
2. Is your business zoned to conduct your type of business at your proposed business location or, is the property or space you are about to rent will pass building and fire code requirement?
3. Are you looking for available property or building to conduct your business?
4. Will you be using a sign to advertise your business? or, Will any building construction or tenant improvements be required for your business? or, Will there be a change in property use from occupant?
5. Will your business operate out of your home?
6. Will your business sell or serve beer, wine and/or liquor?
7. Will your business involve food preparation, tattoo or massage facility, hotel or public pool?
8. Will your business involve manufacturing?
9. Will you have three or more employees other than yourself?
10. Are you a general or sub-contractor?
11. Will your business be a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company? or, Is your business incorporated or registered in another state?
12. Do you need Federal Internal Revenue Service forms, a Federal ID Number or other tax information?
13. Are you applying for a City of Portsmouth Business License that will require you to collect or pass on the tax on retail sales? Will you require Virginia Sales Tax information, on sales or use tax?
14. Will you use a fictitious trade name or "doing business as" name?
15. Will you be using personal property or machinery and tools for business purposes?
16. Where do I obtain my Business License?