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1. What are the hours of operation?
2. How do I get water and sewer services started in my name?
3. What information will I need to initiate service?
4. Where can I pay my utility bill and what methods of payment do you accept?
5. My water was turned off for non - payment what should I do?
6. How much do I pay for water?
7. How much do I pay for sewer collection and treatment?
8. What is refuse on my Public Utilities statement?
9. What should I do if my bill is flagged for high consumption or suspect that I have a leak?
10. What is a field visit charge?
11. What should I do if I have a lien, certified letter, returned check, or bankruptcy issue?
12. If there is a sewer emergency, who should I contact?
13. A public utility crew dug up the street to replace some pipes across the street. They put some black stuff in the hole but it doesn’t look like the rest of the road and is uneven?
14. I need to locate my sewer lateral. Who can help me with this?
15. There is water bubbling up in the street. Who do I call?
16. My water tastes/looks “funny”. Who can I call to have it checked?
17. I need to see if there is water/sewer available at a property I wish to buy. How can I check on this?
18. I have a sewer stoppage at my house. Who do I call?
19. My water heater burst, and I can’t find the water cutoff for the house. Can the City cut off my meter?
20. I need fire flow information for a property. Who can help me with this?
21. My sewer cleanout is overflowing in front of my house. Who can I call to have this corrected?
22. I have water bubbling out of the ground about half way between the meter and the house and have low pressure in the house. Who will come out and repair this?
23. The round sewer cleanout in front of my house was damaged when I drove over it. Can the city take care of this?
24. I smell sewer around the outside/inside my house. Who can check this out?
25. The area around the water meter box stays wet, I think I have a leak. Is there someone to check this out?
26. There is a large sinkhole developing in the street in front of my house. Who in the City can take care of this?