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1. What are Personal Property Taxes?
2. How do I know if I should be paying Personal Property Taxes?
3. Do I have to pay Personal Property Taxes if I am active duty military?
4. I am military and lease a vehicle. Am I taxable?
5. I am a Disabled Veteran. Do I have to pay taxes?
6. I sold my vehicle. What do I have to do?
7. What if I am unable to pay my tax bill in full by the due date?
8. I paid tax when I purchased my vehicle. Wasn’t that personal property tax?
9. I only owned my car in Portsmouth less than a month why do I still have a tax bill?
10. My wife and I are divorced why am I being taxed for her car?
11. Who determines the the personal property tax rate?
12. I don’t own this car any longer, should I be responsible for the tax?
13. I haven’t lived in Portsmouth in years why am I getting a tax bill?
14. I cosigned for my sister to buy a car am I responsible for the tax?
15. I tried to register my car at DMV but was told there is a stop from the City of Portsmouth, how do I have this removed?